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A powerful internet marketing tool - Use video marketing to great effect by showing customers using your product or creating testimonial marketing videos.  A great benefit of using video advertising and using Youtube to host your marketing videos is that they rank well in Google, so setting up a Youtube channel can boost your brand to the first page of search engines through the use of video. 

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How to Take a Good Video for your Website Video Marketing

Taking good marketing video requires practice. If you want to take good marketing videos there are some techniques that will help you improve your video skills.

Keep the video camera steady

Good video footage is free of jerky movement. Start by practicing keeping your hands steady while recording a video. A good steady video is one of the signs of expert quality. A lot of movement in the video makes for footage that people will not enjoy watching. There are many things you can do to keep your video footage steady, such as using a tripod. This is the easiest way of taking steady videos. But there will be moments when a tripod cannot be used or you just won't have time to set up your tripod. A good method to use is to keep both of your elbows close to your stomach then use both of your hand in holding the camera. You are basically creating a tripod of sorts with your hands and body. Practice this stance and over time you'll learn how to keep your videos from getting jerky or shaky.   Some video camera also automatically correct shakiness.

Get enough video footage

Professionals always shoot a lot of video footage so that they'll have a lot of material to work on when they start editing. Getting more footage is better than running out of material. Do your best to take videos of everything that happens during an event, especially the most important moments. You will have to be very observant about what's happening and be ready to shoot video at a moments notice.

Learn to frame the shot

Another factor that makes high quality marketing videos is how well a shot is framed.  Use the rule of thirds to give variety to your framing. The rule of thirds is actually quite simple. Imagine having lines running vertically and horizontally on your frame 3 vertically and 3 horizontally. You will end up with 9 boxes and four points where the lines intersect. Instead of focusing your shots on the center box, use the four points to place your subject to give you more interesting framing. The rule of thirds can also be used when framing subjects in photography.

Shoot video from different angles

Don't plant yourself in one spot when shooting your marketing videos. Go for a variety of shots and angles to give yourself a lot of choices in the editing room. Take close ups, then wide shots of events. Go for different angles. Move around the subject or event to take different perspectives. But through it all, always be aware of what you're shooting. Its okay to get lots of footage but you still need to use good judgement because you are working with limited resources the hard drive space/tape of your camera.

Get to know your video camera

Get to know your video camera well so you'll get the most out of it. Play with the different settings and know all of the modes that will give you different effects or video qualities. Knowing your camera well will mean that you'll know what settings to use depending on shooting outdoors or indoor, with a lot of light or if there's not enough light.

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