eCommerce Website Design

Does your business make use of online ecommerce? Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce can really reduce costs for a merchant and has a number of unique advantages over brink and mortar stores. It complements your existing business as stock is required and staff needed to process orders. However it's open 24 hours, 7 days a week, can accept multiple currencies and expose your business to a great number of people at not much cost to you. It can be your most effective form of advertising, with up to date product information, comprensive support and sales resources.

The eDIY Website Builder has a long history for creating high successful ecommerce websites for our clients.  Our customers' online stores have had millions of dollars in sales and well over 150,000 orders. The eDIY eCommerce Platform supports multiple currencies and tax rates, automatic conversion between currencies and international shipping.

Our Christchurch New Zealand NZ based ecommerce  web design team specialises in creating the right look for your brand - some of New Zealands largest online ecommerce stores are designed and hosted with us.

The great thing about our eDIY Website Builder solution is that you are in control of your website store at all times, and your website is available 24 x 7 to allow your customers to buy from you and interact with your business.

eCommerce Web Hosting Plans for your online ecommerce store:

The SHOP 100 ecommerce web site plan is for smaller stores.  This ecommerce website package has everything you need to run and keep track of your online sales and web site.

The SHOP 1000 ecommerce web site is for larger e-commerce websites and can be upgraded to any size - we have several stores with more than 20,000 product items for sale online.

We take great pride in creating attractive high converting ecommerce web sites that do your brand justice! Let our professional website design team turn your business into an online success story, and your customers coming back again and again.

Have a look at our existing customers, our web design packages, or contact us for more information about how we can work with you to make your ecommerce ebusiness thrive online.


How to create your own Ecommerce Website

Creating your own ecommerce website with the proper tools can save you a lot of time and effort in putting together an online business with a very polished and professional look. You can apply your store concepts easily with a variety of templates that are customizable according to your sites requirements. The good news is that you dont have to be very proficient in scripting to build your own ecommerce website with sophisticated navigation tools, forms and a secure shopping cart.

If you are new to building web pages, its advisable to first try using using our ecommerce website templates that are made to be compatible with the most browsers. You can be sure that what you see in the templates will appear as is to your customers. You can easily customize these pages by adding pictures of your products, hyperlinking the buttons and editing pricies.

You won't have to be concerned with writing scripts as our web page building tools work in a similar way as word processors and customizing pages are as simple as copy pasting text. Before you start building pages, it is advisable that you create a site map. You'll have to organize the pages into categories which will determine how the navigation features on your site will appear. This is even more important for stores selling assorted items. You want pertinent information to be available on every page yet not overwhelm your customers with too much information for them to make a purchase.

Upload your own photos in the picture and file manager. Seasoned online shoppers can discern if the images are yours or are possible copies of ones they have seen elsewhere. Most online stores produce their own pictures and use image editing software such as Photoshop to insert their store logo or watermarks. You don't have to create very unique graphics for your pages. Using simple yet effective buttons that your target market is familiar with actually make their shopping experience easier. You can opt for the graphics in the template and customize them later.

Effective shopping cart elements are vital in your website. Our ecommerce shopping cart options enable you to easily add radio buttons, drop down lists or combo boxes, text boxes and size and colour options to your products. The same function can also apply price changes and others to multiple pages. With the right tools, any business decision you make can be applied in your ecommerce website quickly and efficiently.


eDIY Ecommerce  Features


  • Customised Design of website and layout of category and product pages.
  • Built in Search Engine Optimisation features - Separate Page Name and Titles, Indexable Content, Meta Keywords and automatic Product Keywords.
  • Search Engine Friendly web addresses.
  • Visitor Statistics - extensive reporting - number of visitors, pages visited, time spent on site, origin of visit, real time visitor tracking, ecommerce conversions + much more.
  • Visitors can be made to login before seeing pages and/or product prices.
  • Can make visitors register before buying or you can optionally allow that they can be one-off users (ie guest checkout)
  • Tax and Freight Rates per country
  • Support for Multiple Currencies and Price Levels (eg Retail and Wholesale prices)
  • Picture Manager allows image resizing, cropping, auto thumb nails etc

Payment Methods

  • On account, credit card (Paypal or Payment Gateway eg BNZ Buyline or DPS), bank deposit, cheque, pickup at store.

Cart Specific

  • Force login before purchase
  • Enter Gift Message (for presents)
  • Enter special Delivery Message (eg leave at front door)
  • Up sell Product items
  • Can have discount codes used at checkout eg send all your clients a code that if they enter at checkout between certain dates they gate a special discount
  • Any specific text to show in cart screen when client orders - eg next month we have a certain product arriving
  • Order can be billed to one address and delivered to another
  • SSL security for credit card transactions

Product File Structure

  • Product Catalogue - multiple categories and unlimited sub category structure
  • Products can be in multiple categories - but only need to maintain once

Basic Product details

  • product code, product name, 5 price levels, weight, units, bar code, subtitle, brand, vendor, multiple images, long description

Customer details

  • multiple customer groups

Discount Options

  • Product $ or percentage discount at each of 5 price levels (or for all) for selected date range - automatically reverts back to "normal price range when end date reached
  • Customer Discount per customer Group - eg all certain group get $10% off all their orders (can mark individual products that this does not apply to)


  • Unlimited Freight Destinations - flat rate per order or by weight of order
  • Free Freight per area or certain orders or by product

Optional fields at the base product level include:

  • Stock Availability Comment field
  • Can display stock counts
  • Can prevent or allow items to be sold if out of stock
  • Can hide items if out of stock or for other reasons
  • Can show items but not allow them to be ordered - ie hide buy button
  • Can show related items - eg conditioner that goes with a shampoo
  • Can restrict purchase of item to certain quantity eg must buy 6
  • Featured Items can be marked - then automatically appear in Features area on selected pages
  • Specials Items can be marked - then automatically appear in Features area on selected pages
  • Display product code optional
  • Display age restriction (for liquor etc)
  • Display Terms & Conditions (for selected products)
  • Display an upsell to a certain product at checkout
  • No freight for selected items (eg e-voucher)
  • Colour and Size options per product eg shampoo in 3 scents and 5 sizes can be optionally displayed once on the website (then use drop down to select scent and size)
  • Can sell files/digital products (eg music, ebook etc) rather than physical product - client then sent link to actual download file
  • Additional Meta Information can be entered per product

Order Processing

  • Clients get automated email (customised) thanking them for their order - order copy emailed to website administrator
  • Orders all stored in back end of website - Account Dashboard for details of: orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, primary shipping
  • Can print order and/or packing slip

Newsletter Module

Can send formatted newsletter to all or selected customer groups - can personalise to customers name.