Picture & File Manager

Upload your files and pictures for use in your website with our picture and file manager. Just select your files from your computer or upload directly into eDIY its that simple.
eDIY supports the following format files -  PDF, CSU, DOC, EXL,  JPG, GIF, PNG

Click  to view shadow box

Photo Slideshow

Show images on your website - upload one or more pictures into the picture group and the software will show these in an attractive photo slideshow.

Product items can have multiple pictures assigned to each item and can also show a slideshow in the product detail display. There's also a shadow box when the customer click on the product picture.



Picture Gallery

Create a gallery of images by selecting a group created in the picture and file manager and applying it to a page in your website. When you get to the bottom of the page Next Page > will show to view more from the gallery this feature also uses shadow box so you can view at a larger size when clicked on an image.

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