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Private Home, Business and Corporate Smartmail Email Hosting Service

eDIY Software can provide you with a full set of 'Smartmail' e-mail services at your own domain name, with advanced features which take the hassle out of your important and sensitive client emails.

Ask us to have your email branded to your domain (eg. john@yourdomain.co.nz, sales@yourdomain.co.nz)

Secure Smartmail Webmail Access
With an eD.I.Y. Software hosted email account we include access to our powerful and secure WebMail client (so you can access your e-mail inbox via a web browser anywhere in the world, just like HotMail) and can be used will all POP3 email client software such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Pegasus Mail.
Smartmail QuickStart Web Interface
eDIY Smartmail uses an optimized AJAX Web interface making it intuitive for Microsoft Outlook uses by making use of right mouse click support, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, popup windows, snapping panes, splitters, and tab controls bring you features and performance of a desktop application to your web browser as a website.
Smartmail Email Spam Filtering
E-mail accounts hosted by eD.I.Y. are accurately spam filtered and checked for viruses as a standard feature for all our mail customers. Antispam technologies include: Declude, Greylisting, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys, Custom Headers, Bayesian Filtering, Reverse Domain Name Server (DNS), Real-Time Blacklist (RBL), Blacklist/whitelist, SMTP Blocking, Per-user Spam Weighting.
Smartmail Email Anti-Virus Protection
Smart mail emails hosted with eD.I.Y. come equiped with an effective and self updating anti virus protection as a standard feature for all our mail customers.
Smartmail Email Domains Supported
With eDIY Software Smartmail email hosting we can manage email for a single domain (eg. www.yourdomain.) and we can also manage your multiple domain requirements as you grow your email services for as many domains as needed.
Smartmail Email Mailbox Storage
All Smartmail mailboxes come with ample storage to start and can be upgraded on a per mail box basis. If your home or business associates depend on email, sign up to our storage solution that offers each mailbox user 100 Mb of generous storage.
Smartmail Backed Up Regularly
Smartmail mailboxes have a regular back-up cycle to ensure your email data is securely backed up, providing you with peace of mind.
Email Hosting Technical Support
eDIY Software Smartmail solutions include free phone and email support support during normal business hours.
Email Support Services
Follow the instrucions on how to set up an e-mail spam filter and keep your Inbox tidy on your own.

eDIY Smartmail Mail Server Information

Incoming mail (POP3): smartmail.ediy.co.nz
Outgoing mail (SMTP): smartmail.ediy.co.nz

Price Competitive Smartmail Mailbox Plans

Standard Smartmail Hosting Plan
Which includes: 100MB storage, POP3, Webmail access, Accurate built-in spam filtering, at your domain, unlimited aliases, mail forwarding, auto-responder and much more..
For the yearly fee of $12+ GST per mailbox/user.

Professional Smartmail Hosting Plan
Which includes: 200MB storage, POP3, Webmail access, Calenders, Tasklists, Accurate built-in spam filtering, at your domain, unlimited aliases, mail forwarding, auto-responder and much more..
For the yearly fee of $24+ GST per mailbox/user.

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Glossary for Email terms

POP3: Stands for "Post Office Protocol." POP3, sometimes referred to as just "POP," is a simple, standardized method of delivering e-mail messages. A POP3 mail server receives e-mails and filters them into the appropriate folders. When you configure your e-mail client, such as Outlook (Windows) or Mail (Mac OS X), you will need to enter the type of mail server your e-mail account uses.