Setting Up An E-Mail Spam Filter

How to set up an e-mail spam filter
The eDIY Software mail server now has SpamAssassin installed to try and cut down on the number of unsolicited commerical e-mails otherwise known as SPAM sent to our customers. As no computer based filter is guaranteed to be perfect, all e-mails are still sent to your mailbox, however suspected spam messages are flagged with a marker in the message subject line.

A filter set up in your e-mail software will re-direct the spam messages away from your main Inbox to a Junk mail folder, where you can review and periodically delete the junk messages.

Procedure for directing spams to a Junk Mail Folder in Outlook Express

   1. Click the Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail ... menu option in Outlook Express.
   2. Click the New ... button on the right of the rules list.
   3. Tick the Where the Subject link contains specific words condition option.
   4. Tick the Move it to a specified folder action.
   5. Click on the blue contains specific words link in the Rule Description and enter the text ***SPAM*** and OK.
   6. Click the specified link in the Rule Description, and select the Inbox folder.
   7. Click New Folder and call it Junk Mail, then click OK.
   8. Select the new folder and click OK.
   9. Call the rule Junk Mail Filter and click OK.

Other e-mail clients will have a similar but not identical procedure for mail filtering. Please use the above as a guide to the concept of spam mail filtering.

Now all messages marked as spam will be moved automatically into the Junk Mail folder. Please keep an eye on this folder occasionally and please report any incorrect spam detection using the feedback form on our website. We can add specific e-mail addresses to a spam whitelist to allow certain people to send through anything to your mailbox (excluding e-mails containing viruses).