Automatic NoIEActivate Control Activation Fix Installer Tool
This tool fixes the Click to activate and use this control message in Internet Explorer for your web site.
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More background information about this issue and the workaround.

Copy and paste the HTML/ASP/PHP source file text content into this field:

This field should contain the actual source file, not a View Source output from a web browser. The file(s) to put through this wizard should contain the <body> and </body> tags.

With a dynamic site there might just be one template master file to update, while with static pages all the files that refer to a flash or java applet need to be copied and pasted into the field above to get rid of the activation message on every page.

Fix Method:

Script include options:


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You can use the workaround scripts available from this site free of charge for your own website if you agree to not hold eDIY Software liable for any problems or errors that arise from the use of the script or any other changes that the wizard may make to your HTML or source code.  Please keep a backup copy of the script in case you need to roll back any changes made by this automatic tool, and test and review the output before using it in a live hosted situation.

If you experience problems with this Internet Explorer Eolas/Control Click to Activate workaround script, please contact us  - remember to include a web site address where the problem you're having can be looked at. To link to this tool, please use this web address.

Control Activation Click Workaround Page Summary
Automatically fix the Click to activate and use this control message on your web site - fix for eolas patent change made to Microsoft Internet Explorer - Javascript fix made available by Easy DIY Web Business Hosting and Website Design in New Zealand - Fix activation problems on your website using our new automatic activation click fix wizard and javascript.  Microsoft JavaScript to fix activex/java applet/flash animation Click to activate and use this control activation message in Internet Explorer. ActiveX, Java and Flash Activation Click Workaround.