Email Marketing

Use the built-in email marketing software in the eDIY Website Builder to reach your customers with a fast, direct and easy to use medium. Email marketing gets right to the person you'd like to contact, and lets them read your message when it suits them.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you advertise to reach your customer base. Advertising gives business owners more potential customers. The advertising mediums include television, radio, newspapers, and flyers. How about email advertising? The benefits of email marketing are astounding. Learning to use this tool is essential to maintain a successful business.

You've spent considerable time and effort to create your list of customers, making sure that only the customers who want to hear from them get their flyers. Sending them an email to remind them of up coming sales helps put one's business foremost in their customers mind again.


Email marketing is built right into the eDIY Website Builder product. Your customers register as a user or as a subscriber on your website, and then you can use the software to group them into interest categories.

Using email to inform your customers of new products is another way email marketing can help your business. Email helps you get a jump on seasonal shopping times. It can get your business new customers by using promotional campaigns or offering newsletters for updating current customers. Email keeps businesses in touch with their customer base. A wide variety of businesses and organizations use email marketing to direct customer traffic to their special sales and promotions.

Email marketing lets you offer specialized customer service without overloading your staff. Email marketing helps a small business stay afloat in these tough economic times. Not all businesses have an advertising budget for newspaper ads. Using email, you can advertise your business and reach many more potential customers without laying out a lot of cash. It can help you get an edge over the competition.

Large businesses use email to stay in contact with their customers too. Customer service and attention are essential elements of running a business. Unfortunately, they are also the most time consuming. Using emails helps businesses of all sizes give their customers specialized treatment without a lot of effort.

Concert promoters use email marketing to help fill seats for concerts. They use this tool by advertising up coming concerts and giving deals on tickets. Consultants use this tool for giving up to date information about what is happening in their field of expertise to their customers.

There are many benefits of using email marketing. The most important one being the fact that one can target just the customers that have indicated they want to be notified of deals and changes in one's business. With all the pitfalls that can happen with no notice to your business, it helps to have a tool that can generate positive feedback. Email marketing is a smart way to help your business stay in business.

Our website designers are great at making customised email newletter templates for you to use when you want to retain a strong brand relationship through your email marketing campaigns.

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