What exactly is a QR code?

You may have seen QR codes popping up everywhere, seemingly overnight. They are the two dimensional codes that can be seen on any number of signs, advertisements, and various other promotional materials. They have become increasingly popular recently due to the fact that they are, essentially, the future of marketing as we know it. By incorporating these codes into printed marketing items, businesses are reaching a much wider target audience, at a fraction of the cost that most other promotional efforts might set them back.

A QR code is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned by any smartphone that has a capture device. When a potential customer or client scans this barcode, they are automatically redirected to the company's mobile landing page, and are able to view information about the company, as well as any discounts or specials that are being offered at the time. Company's can place these codes just about anywhere, ranging from grand opening signs to brochures, in order to allow for their online presence to be easily accessed in the real world.

What are the benefits of QR codes for businesses?

QR codes are both cost efficient and effective, in that they allow for businesses to provide a great amount of information to their customers or clients by simply placing a barcode on their marketing items. In addition, these codes make it much easier for consumers to contact you and interact with the various aspects of your online presence, such as liking you on Facebook, or sending out a tweet with your hyperlink to let their friends now about your great service. Therefore, you reach an even wider network of people than if you would have simply relied on your website alone. Not to mention that your customers will not have to search through their purses or pockets to find a piece of paper and pen to write your information down, as all of the info they need is provided and saved for them in their smartphone, making it simpler for them to order your product or service online at a later date.

What types of businesses can benefit from a QR code?

Every business in every industry can benefit from having their own QR code, whether it be hotels, restaurants, or car dealerships. Any company that believes technology is the key to their future success will find that QR codes provide many advantages to their bottom line and future success. If companies choose not to obtain their own QR code, then they will be missing out on the business that their competitors (who do have QR codes) are getting.

Overall, QR codes are possibly the most important thing to happen to marketing within the past several years. Given that many New Zealanders have some type of smartphone, and many more are estimated to have one in the not too distant future, relying on promotional efforts which work hand in hand with these phones is the ideal choice.