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Your website needs a great web hosting service - working hard ensure your website stays up and loading fast! We use only the best data centres in the world for our servers and your website - and our loading speeds are fast. Our US datacentre is 30 milliseconds away from the Google servers. You may have read that search engines have started factoring in website loading times into their search engine rankings, so we make sure they will be impressed by your web site speed.

Some of our our client sites are rated at 86% faster than the average of all the other sites on the web. Our servers use advanced caching technology to deliver your website to clients and Google with the best load times possible.

Home 20
Ideal for clubs.

Pages: 20
Products: 0
Space: 500MB

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Shop 100
Ideal for small online retail businesses

Pages: 100
Products: 100
Space: 1GB

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Page 100
Ideal for Service based businesses

Pages: 100
Products: 0
Space: 1GB

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Shop 1000
Ideal for Large eCommerce Businesses

Pages: 100
Products: 1000
Space: 2.5GB

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Even better is that you don't need to worry about it, we are improving our software and server platform every day and you'll stay ahead of the rest with an eDIY hosted website.

Our web hosting subscriptions come with many included extras at no charge. Please review the available web hosting plans below and compare the available features to see which plan is right for you. Then please contact us or download the 30 free trial of our website builder software to proceed with your new DIY hosted website. We're happy to help you along the way if you get stuck.

These web hosting plans include all of the features detailed below, and are payable monthly or annually. Click a button for more details about each web site plan.