eDIY eCommerce and Brochure Web Site Builder

When you opt for the eDIY Web Site Builder, you get all the features you need to maintain your own professional quality eCommerce web site.

Updates to your site content instantly become "live" as soon as you hit the save button. What's more, the eDIY Web Site Builder application is completely free when you subscribe to an eDIY hosting plan. The following are just some of the features the website builder software has to offer your business:

Web Site Content Manager

  • Create, edit, move and publish web pages with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Easy-to-use word processor style user interface. 
  • Handles text, graphics, tables, forms, hyperlinks and animations.

Website Design Templates

  • Find a look that's right for your web site.
  • Choose from over 500 existing web site templates or get a customized website design from our onsite web design team.
  • eDIY can also customise an existing web template to suit your requirements.

Online Product Catalogue

  • List up to 1000 different products.
  • Full shopping cart functionality and more.
  • Thumbnail image previews.
  • Real-time transactions with multi-currency support.
  • Multiple pictures per product.
  • Extensive discount options.
  • Multiple price levels for retail and wholesale web stores.
  • Voucher codes for promotions and measuring.

Event Calendar Page

  • Inform site visitors about upcoming events.
  • Repeat Event function automatically adds event items to the dates of recurring events.

Picture Gallery Page

  • Great for business portfolios, club and hobby web sites alike.
  • Options to alter the number of images per line or page and add extra content.
  • Galleries incorporate a smooth looking "click on a thumbnail to see the full-size image" function.

Search Function

  • Your web site's in-house search engine.
  • Makes your site look and feel really professional.
  • Site visitors enter search terms to find the information they want in an instant.

Customer Registration Page

  • Customers input their details to open an account.
  • Sign up for e-mail marketing newsletters.
  • Registers user names and passwords granting access to restricted pages or member-only websites.

Company Details Page

  • Software-generated page lists information about your company.
  • Reassures visitors that there is a real company with a street address and telephone number behind the products they may wish to buy online.

Guest Book Page

  • Displays messages from visitors to your website.
  • A potential source of free endorsement for your business.
  • Administrator control over message moderation.

The eDIY Website Builder will let you take control of your web site and save money and time because you know what needs to be changed and when.  No more web site updating costs or waiting - Download the trial today and get the software for free with a web hosting subscription.

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