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Video Tutorial - Having a YouTube clip in a product detail page

How to load a YouTube video to a product using the resource file link product feature in your eDIY ecommerce website


Video Tutorial - Placing a YouTube clip on a content page

How to load a YouTube clip to a web page using the YouTube plugin in the content editor of your eDIY website

Video Tutorial - PDF File upload

How to upload a PDF file and link to text in the web page content editor

Video Tutorial - Create a basic table

How to create a basic table and edit in the web page content editor

Video Tutorial - Create a second website

How to create a second website and add to your existing login

Video Tutorial - Add a discount code for ecommerce site

How to add a discount code to be used in the eDIY chekout system

Video Tutorial - DPS Credit Card Intergration

How to load a DPS PXPAYKEY to eDIY Website Builder Ecommerce Website Configuration Screen to accept Credit Card payments through your website

Video Tutorial - PayPal Payment Method Setup

How to setup your website to receive Paypal payments in your eDIY ecommerce website

 Video Tutorial - PayPal Intstant Payment Notifications

How to setup IPN prefrences in your PayPal account to improve the reliability of the PayPal checkout process in your eDIY ecommerce website.

Video Tutorial - Multiple images on products

How to add multiple images to your products to get displayed as a slideshow in your eDIY ecommerce website.
Note: Depending on the product template used on your website this may require additonal programming on your web site by our web designers.

Video Tutorial - Loading product groups and product containers

How to load product groups and product containers in your eDIY ecommerce website.


Video Tutorial - Creating a newsletter page and sending bulk email

How to create a newsletter page and use the bulk emailer to send your newsletter to your customer contacts


Video Tutorial - Uploading images to content editor

How to upload a .jpg or .gif or .png file to the eDIY content editor

Video Tutorial - Using Bookmarks

Ho to make a bookmark link in the eDIY content management system

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