Product Quick Start For Windows Users

eDIY makes it very easy for you to create and manage your own web site or on-line business.


Step One: After filling in your details click submit form and it will take you to our download link.
if you have missed this step click here to get to the link.

Step Two: Once the file has been downloaded click run and choose where to install eDIY and click the install button. After the installation process has been completed Click finish and launch eDIY Software.

install.JPG install2.JPG

Step Three: After the installation process has been completed Click finish and launch eDIY Software.You will then be asked to agree to our terms and conditions for use for the software. This will only happen the first time you open eDIY. Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue to eDIY.

install3.JPG terms&Conditions.JPG

Step Four: Once you have opened eDIY and accepted our terms and conditions, you will be taken to this screen on the right. Please select create new website account ( The button on the right), you will then be asked to create a new website account. Please enter your details and create a site username and password which will be used to login to eDIY.

logging-in.JPG signup.JPG

Step Five:You will be taken to a screen where you can choose your website plan please choose your plan according to your hosting choices. Once you have chosen your site you will be live on your free trial link

  • Create an on-line web store
    A fully featured on-line web site and product catalogue for retailers and wholesalers with shopping cart and secure multi-currency credit card verification.

    Shop 100 or Shop 1000 30-day hosting from first use.
  • Create a standard web site
    Best suited for service-based businesses, this product is used to create a full web site in minutes. Includes 30 day hosting for the Page 100 plan from first use. If you're a home user or hobbyist who wants to run a personal or club web site, the Home 20 plan is our entry-level, non-business hosting option.

shop100.JPG livesite.JPG

Step Six:To view your new site and to start editing click the key symbol under actions - as this is your first site you will be asked if you would like to apply a new template.

openingsite.JPG apply-tempate.JPG

Click yes and then choose your template from our gallery of free templates. If you are looking for something completely unique you can get a custom design from us just click here.

Once you have choosen your template click the Apply Template button - Underneath the template larger preview in the blue box.

Step Seven: Congratulations you have now successfully downloaded eDIY and created your first site!

Here are the main areas you need to know to add content to your site:

  • To the left of your screen is your page navigation here you can add, remove, hide pages and add descriptions for search engines and SEO .
  • The blue tool bar is the settings and managment areas of eDIY here you can add products (If Ecommerce) add customers, add pictures to use in your site and update your site details.
  • The Website content editor tool bar is also important to know, in this area you have all your normal text settings and under content you can add tables, products , slideshows and much much more. Check out our tutorials page to learn how to make eDIY work for you. or View our Login and Maintain your website PDF
pages.JPG stuff.JPG

Important things to know

Both types have the following features:
Ability to have member only areas (individually password protected), Bulk e-mailing and member management, content publishing and linking, Picture wizard integrates with your scanning and camera software and allows photo touch-ups and easy upload.

Automatic FREE Software Upgrades
There is an automatic check for a software upgrade whenever the application is started. If an upgrade is available, the software displays a dialog informing you of any additions or changes available in the upgrade.

A traffic light icon indicates the importance of the upgrade. A red light indicates that the upgrade must be performed because of structural changes or other important reasons, while the orange and green lights indicate that the upgrade contains minor feature enhancements or bug fixes. Click on the 'Upgrade' button to download the latest version of the software, or if the light is orange or green you may choose to skip the upgrade.

Logging into your Web Site
Use the login name and password you selected in the account creation wizard, and click the 'Login' button. At any time you can register a domain with us and select a hosting plan that suits your requirements.

Getting Support
eDIY Software provides all customers with unlimited e-mail support for all issues related to our product range.

Error Messages - Installation and Connection Problems
If you can not install or start the program or experience an error, please visit our web site for up to date installation and support notes.

Error Messages and Problems that happen during use
If a connection has been established successfully, you can send us a message using the 'Help -> Contact eDIY Software Support &' menu. This will forward us your message and an error log file that contains the text of the error and other useful information that will help us fix any issues with the software.

Contact us with any problems or questions.